Rental Information

Classrooms in the Campus Instructional Facility are available to reserve for other use such as exam reviews, meetings, luncheons, conferences, symposiums, etc. Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise arranged. Class instruction however takes precedence. Rental fees are associated with many CIF event reservations.  Fees may not apply for some instruction related activities.

University unit/department reservations should submit their request using the form at this link.

RSO requests must be submitted through the Get Involved Portal within the Student Engagement Office.

Non-university affiliates and third party requests are under consideration for future opportunities. Interested individuals should contact the facility manager.

For class schedule inquiries, instructors or units should speak to your Department Scheduler or email Catalog Management & Section Scheduling

Rental Fees

Fees vary depending on the reserving organization’s affiliation, classroom tier, and duration. For a complete classroom list with specifications and Tier designations, download our fee table (PDF).

Campus Organizations

Less than 2 hoursAdditional hours
Tier 1No Charge*/$60$30 /hr
Tier 2$150$75 /hr
Tier 3$250$100 /hr

Non-Campus Organizations ()

Less than 2 hoursAdditional hours
Tier 1$TBD$TBD /hr
Tier 2$TBD$TBD /hr
Tier 3$TBD$TBD /hr


  • *No Charge rentals apply to a single Tier 1 reservation less than 2 hours per week per Dept/RSO with no food.
    • Tier 1 fees will apply for more than 1 reservation per week or a single reservation with food.
  • Total time reserved must include time for set up & take down
  • Rental rates are in a single day for consecutive use
  • Rentals are limited to 12 consecutive hours in a 24 hour period extending over the traditional operating schedule
  • Rental rates cannot be pro-rated
  • $25/hr fees for staffing outside normal operating hours
  • $25/hr fee for tech support during normal staffing hours
  • Food or drink is only allowed with prior discussion and approval of the food plan. Food may incur additional charges.
  • Rooms are provided as-is. Moving furniture is not allowed without prior approval.