Rental Information & Policies

Classrooms in the Campus Instructional Facility are available to reserve for other use such as exam reviews, meetings, luncheons, conferences, symposiums, etc. Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise arranged. Class instruction however takes precedence. Rental fees are associated with many CIF event reservations.  Fees may not apply for some instruction related activities.

University unit/department reservations should submit their request using the form at this link.

Illinois Student Organization (RSO) requests must be submitted via OneIllinois. Learn more about the Event Registration process by clicking here to visit the Events section of the Student Engagement website. Please email if you have a question about submitting an Event Registration.

Non-university affiliates and third party organizations should contact the facility manager for more information.

For class schedule inquiries, instructors or units should speak to your Department Scheduler or email Catalog Management & Section Scheduling (CMSS).

Rental Fees

Fees vary depending on the reserving organization’s affiliation, classroom tier, and duration. For a complete classroom list with specifications and Tier designations, download our fee table (PDF) for events through July 2024.

**Effective August 1, 2024, new rates and tiers will follow the updated fee table found at this link.

University Organizations (Departments & RSO’s) – Valid through July 2024

Less than 2 hoursAdditional hours
Tier 1No Charge* / $60$30 / hr
Tier 2$150$75 / hr
Tier 3$250$100 / hr
*A single Tier 1 reservation per week (Sun-Sat) per organization, with duration less than 2 hours, and no food, qualifies as no charge.

University Organizations (Departments & RSO’s) – Valid After August 1, 2024

2 hours or less; No food2 hours or less; With foodAdditional hours
Tier 1 (< 45 seats)No Charge* / $60$80$30 / hour
Tier 2 (45 – 115 seats)$100$150$50 / hour
Tier 3 (> 115 seats)$175$250$75 /hour
*A single Tier 1 reservation per week (Sun-Sat) per organization, with duration less than 2 hours, and no food, qualifies as no charge.

Non-University and 3rd Party Organizations

Contact the facility manager for more information about fees and availability.

Facility Reservation Policies

Reservation Opportunities

University organizations, campus boards, registered organizations, Registered Student Organizations (RSO), and related organizations may reserve space within CIF. External parties are limited to university break periods including fall break, winter break, and summer session (defined as the period of time after last day of spring exams and the first day of fall classes.

The Facility Scheduling and Logistics (FSL) unit in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations has scheduling oversight for these spaces.

Reservation requests are processed beginning on March 1 for the subsequent summer term, June 1 for the subsequent fall term, and November 1 for the subsequent spring term. Reservations are accepted no more than 12 months in advance.

University classes have priority over other events. During the first 3 weeks of the semester, FSL reserve the right to cancel or change event reservations if necessitated by late additions or revisions in class scheduling.

Group Representative/Client

The individual(s) requesting the space will be considered the event sponsor and is responsible for all guests and will act as the representative in charge of the reservation/event and communicate all relevant policies to the group. If this individual will not be in attendance, another representative must be designated prior to the reservation/event.

Facility Policies

CIF classrooms are general assignment and may be reserved within the posted building hours. Building hours may be adjusted to accommodate an event outside posted building hours but staffing fees may apply.

Events are scheduled in the same manner that classes are scheduled and end on the 20 and 50 after the hour to allow for egress and entry to rooms between events and classes.

Activities must not substantially and materially disrupt, impair, or interfere with the following:

-The teaching, study, research, or administration of the University;
-The authorized use of University Property, including meetings of university students, faculty, staff, administrators, or guests; or
-The rights and privileges of other University Community Members.

Activities must comply with all applicable University policies and procedures. Activities must be contained to the designated reserved space and must not block or provide an obstruction to any walkway, building, entrance, or exit.

Classrooms are provided with furniture set up as designed for instruction. Furniture is not allowed to be moved without prior approval from facility management.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a smoke-free campus.

Submitting a Request

University Organizations (a college, department, division, or other academic administrative unit) should use this event request form available thru the Ad Astra scheduling application to submit a request for CIF.

Illinois Student Organizations (RSOs), when registered and in compliance, are afforded the university benefit of reserving spaces on campus. To reserve a space, please submit an Event Registration via OneIllinois. Once the SODA office provides event approval, the request will be routed to CIF facility management electronically for space consideration. If fees apply, the request must be accompanied with an approved purchase request with an accurate estimate of the rental fees. Learn more about the Event Registration process by clicking here to visit the Events section of the Student Engagement website. Please email if you have a question about submitting an Event Registration.

Third parties should contact CIF facility management at

Pricing Structure

Rental fees are associated with most CIF room reservations. Fees may be waived for instruction-related activities. The fee structure is available on the CIF website under “Rental Information.” Rental fees are not prorated. Total time reserved includes time for set up and take down. Rental rates are in a single day for consecutive use. Rentals are limited to 16 consecutive hours in a 24 hour period extending over the traditional operating schedule. A week is defined as Sunday through Saturday.

Cancellation Policy

The event host should notify the facility contact prior to the date of the event if the event needs to be cancelled. An event cancellation occurring less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time will be subject to a late cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total rental cost.

Contracts / Payments

For University organizations, other than the request form and associated confirmation, there is no additional paperwork associated with reservations. The confirmation will include an estimate of applicable fees. Within 30 days after the event, University organizations will be sent a copy of an invoice and the CIF business office will process the journal voucher using the CFOP provided on the request form.

For Registered Student Organizations, other than the approved request form from the SODA office, an approved purchase request if fees apply, and the associated confirmation, there is no additional paperwork associated with reservations. The confirmation will include an estimate of applicable fees. Within 30 days after the event, an invoice will be sent to the Student Org Finance Center (SOFC) for processing. SOFC will process the journal voucher directly with the RSO account.

Third party reservations will require execution of a Facility Use Agreement along with the Licensee providing a certification of insurance listing the “Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois” as an additional insured.


Attendees are the responsibility of the event sponsor. Reference the Protection of Minors policy if the event is designed to include minors.  


CIF staff may assist with basic event preparations, set-up, and clean-up. Most of the responsibility lies with the host. If CIF staff are needed to assist in rearrangements of furniture or other event needs, a $25/hr/staff fee applies. For more extensive room set-ups, UI Facilities & Services can be hired to assist.

Technology Services can provide limited AV event support with the classroom technology although the classroom technology is mostly plug-and-play. Contact to inquire about tech support for an event after first speaking with CIF facility management. Fees may apply. CIF staff do not provide AV Tech Support.

For high profile speakers or VIP guest appearances, U of I Police Department can provide officer support for a fee. The host is responsible for contacting UIPD directly. CIF does not provide security, ushers, ticket takers, etc.


Food and beverages are permitted in CIF space with pre-approval from facility management. Rental fees are associated with CIF room reservations with food and beverages except for bottled water. Banquet tables and trash cans are made available when food and beverage is served. Food and beverage service must follow the University’s catering policies. Arrangements should be made prior to the event for special requests such as tables, storage, refrigeration, transporting items through the building, etc. Classroom tables are not to be used for food or beverage distribution.

Groups hosting events with food should review the Food Safety Fact Sheet within the F&S Office of  Safety and Compliance. Hosts may need to complete the food service request form depending on the type of food event.

Espresso Royale R&D Lab is located on the 1st floor east end and vending machines are located on the west end of the lower level.

Catering Information

Groups may enlist the catering services of one of the University’s approved vendors. University Catering is the preferred approved caterer and can be contacted at (217) 333-0126 or The Espresso Royale R&D Lab café is also available for catering pastries and coffee. Contact


Decorations, signage, props, etc. must be preapproved by facility management. Glitter, confetti, helium balloons, and wet paint are not permitted. Decorations must be contained to the room or area reserved and spaces directly adjacent (signage outside the room door for example). Signage or decorations in other parts of the building such as entry ways or corridors are not allowed without prior approval by facility management. Decorations and signage must be removed immediately following an event.


At the conclusion of an event, spaces must be in condition for instruction to follow with all trash and spills cleaned up along with furniture in place as it is intended for class. If additional clean-up is required following an event, additional staffing fees may apply.

For extended duration events with many people, it may be required that UI F&S Building Service Workers be hired to assist with trash removal, cleaning, and restroom service during and after the event. Additional fees apply.


Groups are responsible for any damage which occurs because of improper behavior or misuse of equipment/facilities during the event. Groups may be invoiced for costs associated with any special cleaning or maintenance required from damages.


Hard copy signage or flyers may be posted on the corkboard in the water fountain recesses. Posted flyers should meet the following guidelines: 1 flier per recess; promoting university affiliated events or entities; dated, no farther than 2 weeks in advance; and no larger than 8.5” x 11”. Signage, advertisements, or flyers that do not meet these guidelines will be removed. Individuals must not remove, cover, or tamper with materials posted by another person or organization, pursuant to CAM Policy FO-82.

CIF has 2 digital displays and a large LED videoboard to display slides advertising events. Priority will be given to events occurring within CIF. Slides must be formatted correctly to display on the digital signs. Contact facility management for more information.

Signposts and a limited number of easels are available to post directional or event signage in common areas or classrooms. Adhesive tape should not be used on any building surface except the water fountain recess corkboard. Signage must be removed immediately following an event.

Special Requests / Additional Services

Prior to the date of a reservation, groups should coordinate all requests for equipment or set-up not typical of the space reserved (custom classroom arrangements, equipment rental, AV requirements, portable stage, podium, etc). Equipment or supplies provided by CIF may incur an additional fee. UI F&S Public Functions has several items to help support events. Fees will apply for services provided by F&S. Contact facility management for more information.

Other General Information


To help ensure accessibility in all events, we encourage reference to the accessibility guidelines found in the Illinois Accessibility Code. Additional information can be found with the Office for Access and Equity.

All event organizers should include requests for accommodation in their promotional and registration materials. Below is a sample statement that could be included in these materials:

“If you will need disability-related accommodations to participate in this program/event, please contact (name, host department) at (phone number, email). Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet access needs.”


It is essential for groups to be aware of campus parking regulations including rental spaces, meter enforcement and other restrictions. Visit the UI Parking Department for more information. It is possible that special arrangements may be made with Campus Parking for offsite or permit parking with advanced notice. Fees may apply. The facility is not responsible for parking citations.

Review of Risk

Information about building specific safety protocols is available from facility management.

Consider the need for University Police at your event by reviewing their website. University of Illinois Police Department

Please review how the University manages fire and life safety programs and the existing building and fire code compliance functions. Campus Code and Compliance & Fire Safety

Also, note that the Office of Risk Management’s efforts for the University of Illinois System encompass both strategic risk and financial, operational activities. Risk Management is the insurance agent for the system, serving its universities, regional sites, Extension offices, and system offices. For more information contact the Office of Risk Management.

Certificate of Insurance

External organizations having events within the facility must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Board of Trustees as an additional insured. 

Campus Resources

Additional Policy Information:  

Student Engagement

Student Engagement is a department within Student Affairs formed to bring together a variety of units to enhance and support student involvement at Illinois. Registered Student Organization (RSO’s) are overseen by the Student Engagement office. Find out more about engaging students at their website. University of Illinois Student Engagement.

Date Issued:  December 2022

Next Revision Date:  December 2025