Featured Alumni

The building features portraits of notable university alumni, selected by a student committee, on the walls of each of the five floors.

Below is the list of alumni featured throughout the Campus Instructional Facility. The University of Illinois Alumni family includes Olympians, Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel laureates and a long list of innovators.

Max AbramovitzFAA, BS 1929Architect and collaborator on the United Nations complex, CIA headquarters and Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center1
Marc AndreessenENG, BS 1994Inventor of the modern web browserLL
Susan AveryENG, MS 1974; LAS, PHD 1978President of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution4
William BakerENG, MS 1980Structural engineer of Burj Khalifa2
Arnold BeckmanLAS, BS 1922; ENG, MS 1923; HON 1982Founder of Beckman Instruments1
Eric BinaENG, BS 1986; MS 1988Inventor of the modern web browser1
David Harold BlackwellLAS, BA 1938; MA 1939; PHD 1941; HON 1966Mathematician and first African American member of the National Academy of SciencesLL
Maudelle Brown BousfieldLAS, AB 1906First African American woman graduate of University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, and first African American principal at a Chicago public schoolLL
St. Elmo BradyLAS, PHD 1916First African American to earn a PhD in chemistry in the United StatesLL
Betsy BrandtFAA, BFA 1996Actress4
Nancy BrinkerLAS, BA 1968Founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom1
George CarruthersENG, BS 1961; MS 1962; PHD 1964Inventor of Far Ultraviolet Electrographic Camera used on Apollo 16LL
Iris ChangUNI, 1985; MEDIA, BSJ 1989New York Times bestselling author2
Doris ChristopherACES, BS 1967Founder of Pampered Chef1
Ollie Watts DavisFAA, MMUS 1982; AMUSD 1988Internationally-recognized vocalist and music conductor1
Earl B. DickersonLAS, AB 1914Leading civil rights attorney and business executive2
Jean DriscollLAS, BA 1991; AHS, MS 1993World-record holder, Paralympic gold medalist, and eight-time Boston Marathon champion3
Martin EberhardENG, BS 1982; MS 1984Founder of Tesla MotorsLL
Roger EbertMEDIA, BS 1964Pulitzer Prize winning movie critic2
Dave EggersMEDIA, BSJ 2002Author, artist, and founder of McSweeney’s, an independent publishing company4
Mohamed El-AshryLAS, MS 1963; PHD 1966Senior Fellow, Energy and Climate at the UN Foundation1
Jeanne GangFAA, BS 1986Architect and founder of Studio Gang1
Larry GiesBUS, BS 1988Founder and CEO of Madison Industries4
William W. GraingerENG, BS 1919Founder of W.W. Grainger, Inc.2
Temple GrandinACES, PHD 1989; HON 2004Author, livestock researcher, and austism spokesperson3
Rolando Hinojosa-SmithLAS, PHD 1969Novelist, poet, and educator1
Nick Holonyak, Jr.ENG, BS 1950; MS 1951; PHD 1954Inventor of the visible light LED3
Michael HopkinsENG, BS 1992NASA Astronaut2
John HouboltENG, BS 1940; MS 1942; HON 2005Aerospace engineer; developer of lunar-orbit rendezvous (LOR) crucial to moon landing3
Freeman Hrabowski IIILAS, MA 1971; EDU, PHD 1975; HON 2004STEM educator; President of University of Maryland, Baltimore County4
Judy HsuMEDIA, BSJ 1993Emmy Award winning news anchor4
Joyce IngramLAW, JD 1981; LER, AM 1981First African American woman to earn both a LAW and LER degree at University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignLL
Ed Jackson, Jr.FAA, MS 1972Architect and chief designer of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial1
Mannie JacksonAHS, BS 1960; HON 2008Chairman and owner of the Harlem Globetrotters3
Albert E. Jenner, Jr.LAW, JD 1930; HON 1981Senior counsel to the Warren Commission and special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate2
Donald JohansonLAS, BA 1966Paleoanthropologist best known for his discovery of “Lucy,” one of the most complete skeletons of Australopithecus afarensis known1
Robert JohnsonLAS, BA 1968Co-founder of BET; Founder and chairman, The RLJ Companies4
Sheila JohnsonFAA, BME 1970Co-founder of BET; President of WNBA Washington Mystics; CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts1
Jawed KarimENG, BS 2004Co-founder of YouTube and first person to upload video to site1
Fazlur KhanENG, MS 1953; MS 1955; PHD 1955Structural engineer and father of tubular design for skyscrapersLL
Shad KhanENG, BS 1971CEO of Flex-N-Gate; Owner of NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, PEL Fulham, and co-owner of All Elite Wrestling2
Jack KilbyENG, BS 1947; HON 1988Co-inventor of the integrated circuit, the handheld calculator, and the thermal printerLL
Arvind KrishnaENG, MS 1987; PHD 1991CEO of IBM3
Albert LeeATTENDED 1897-1898Advocate for African American students; Chief Clerk at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign2
Ang LeeFAA, BFA 1980Academy Award-winning film director, producer, and screenwriter1
Max LevchinENG, BS 1997Co-founder of PayPal and Affirm2
Susan LindquistLAS, BS 1971Molecular biologist and pharmaceutical researcher4
Bob MartinezLER, MA 1964Governor of Florida4
Mary McDowellENG, BS 1986CEO of MitelLL
Tatyana McFaddenACES, BS 2013; EDU, EDM 201917-time Paralympian medalist; first person to win the Grand Slam (four World Major Marathons in the same year)2
Lester McKeeverBUS, BS 1955Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago1
Herb McKenleyATTENDED 1949Gold medal Olympian3
Edna Greene MedfordLAS, MA 1976Historian and Director for History of New York’s African Burial Ground Project2
Joan MitchellENG, MS 1971; PHD 1974Co-inventor of the .jpeg3
Nick OffermanFAA, BFA 1993Actor, writer, comedian, producer; co-founder of the Defiant Theatre company3
Suze OrmanLAS, BA 1977; HON 2009Financial advisor and founder of Suze Orman Financial Group; New York Times bestselling author2
Cesar PelliFAA, MARCH 1954Architect and designer of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and World Financial Center in NYCLL
Irna PhillipsEDU, BS 1923Screenwriter, actress and inventor of American soap operas3
Richard PowersLAS, BA 1978; MA 1980Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning author2
Julie PrydeSW, BSW 1991; SW, MSW 1992Public health administrator4
Sylvia PuenteLAS, BS 1980Executive Director of Latino Policy Forum1
James “Scotty” RestonMEDIA, BS 1932; HON 1962Columnist and editor for The New York Times4
Taylor RooksMEDIA, BSJ 2014Sports journalist4
Reshma SaujaniLAS, BA 1996New York Times bestselling author; Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code3
Julie ScottBUS, BS 1985President, CEO, and founder of CTS Impact4
Tom SiebelLAS, BA 1975; BUS, MBA 1983; ENG, MS 1985;
HON 2006
Founder of Siebel Systems and C3.ai3
William Walter SmithLAS, BA 1900; BS 1907First African American graduate of University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign3
Jeremy StoppelmanENG, BS 1999Co-founder and CEO of Yelp!1
Parisa TabrizENG, BS 2005; MS 2007Computer “Security Princess” and Director of Engineering at Google1
Lorado TaftLAS, BA 1879; MA 1880; HON 1929Sculptor of the Alma MaterLL
Lynne ThigpenLAS, BA 1970Tony Award-winning actressLL
Linda TollefsonVETMED, BS 1978; DVM 1980Associate Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, U.S. Food and Drug Administration1
Wilma VaughtBUS, BS 1952First woman Air Force Brigadier General; first woman to deploy with a Strategic Air Command bombardment wing on an operational deploymentLL
WassajaLAS, BS 1884First Native American student at University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign; doctor and founder of the Society of American Indians3
Jack WelchLAS, MS 1959; PHD 1961Chairman and CEO of General Electric3
Eddie WilliamsMEDIA, BS 1954President of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies1
Rosalyn YalowENG, MS 1942; PHD 1945Nobel Prize-winning physicistLL