Campus Instructional Facility

New Building.
New Classrooms.

The Campus Instructional Facility (CIF), opening Fall 2021, is a premier classroom building designed to showcase the high quality of teaching offered at the University of Illinois. Ask your department for information about upcoming tours, programs, and resources for exploring the Classroom Instructional Facility.

  • 5 levels
  • 124,000 sq. ft.
  • 2,400+ total students seats in 23 general assignment classrooms

The CIF’s Mission

Increasing demand for spaces to support newer technologies and teaching strategies led to the development of IFLEX classrooms (Illinois Flexible Learning Experience) which have been appearing on the campus since 2014.

The Campus Instructional Facility classrooms will support a wide range of courses but are especially suited to those that feature small group discussions, collaborative learning, and peer-to-peer interaction. And as the demand for collaboration and teamwork increases across all industries, students and faculty report that these types of classrooms with more technology and increased student interaction are the ideal learning environment. Small tweaks to existing courses can increase student engagement and make better use of available technologies.