What are the CIF Operating Hours?

Semester hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday, 7am – 11pm
  • Friday, 7am – 9pm
  • Saturday, 9am – 9pm
  • Sunday, 12pm – 11pm

Updates to the building hours, university holidays, and break periods will be updated at the “Contact / Building Hours” link of the website

Are people allowed to stay in the building after the building closes?

No. Hourly staff walk through the building and ask occupants to vacate the building at closing time.

Is there a Lost & Found?

Yes. If you find something, you can turn it in to the facility manager’s office, room 1020, on the west end of the 1st floor. If you lost something, contact the facility manager at cif-facilitymanager@illinois.edu with a description of the item or stop by the office.

Is there a café in the building?

Yes. “Espresso Royal R&D” opened with a soft opening in Spring 2022. Operating hours are not fully confirmed but generally they are open during normal business hours.

Can I conduct experiments in my class?

Contact the facility manager if you plan to conduct an experiment that could raise concerns for building occupants. CIF was designed primarily as instructional space so experiments like igniting flammable gas is not allowed. Other low risk experiments may be permitted.

How do I reserve space?

Departments should request space by using the CIF request form at https://go.illinois.edu/astrascheduling. RSO’s should submit their request through the Get Involved Portal with the Student Engagement office. 3rd parties should contact the facility manager. Visit the “Rental Information” link on the CIF website for full information.

Is there a fee to reserve rooms?

Yes and no. Small room reservations under 2 hours may qualify as no charge. Instruction-related activities may qualify as no charge. Other instances will likely incur a fee. Visit the “Rental Information” link on the CIF website for more information on the fees.

Can I schedule my office hours in CIF?

Because of the high number of requests for office hours, and limited room availability, office hours are not typically scheduled. Reach out to the facility manager for more information.

Is food allowed in classrooms?

Yes, food is allowed in rooms. Fees apply when food is part of a room reservation. Individuals or groups are expected to clean up after themselves so we can continue to allow food. Inform the facility manager if you plan to have food for a class or event so preparations can be made.

What is the catering policy?

CIF does not have an exclusive catering agreement. The event organizer is solely responsible for procuring safe and certified catering services and following the University’s guidelines on catering found at https://www.obfs.uillinois.edu/purchases/purchases-types/catering-urbana-campus/.

Is alcohol allowed?

In special circumstances, yes, by following the University’s guidelines on catering and alcoholic beverages found at https://www.obfs.uillinois.edu/purchases/purchases-types/catering-urbana-campus/.

Is public parking available?

Parking is fairly limited around CIF during normal business hours. Parking is more widely available on nights and weekends. There are parking meters along Springfield Ave on the north side of CIF or the B1 parking lot to the east of Grainger Library. There is no free parking on campus. Visit the U of I Parking Department website at https://www.parking.illinois.edu/ for campus parking information.

Where can I find more information on the classroom layouts and seating capacities?

Visit the “Classroom Information” tab on the CIF website. The “Building Layout” page shows all furniture and room layouts as designed and used for instruction.

May I rearrange furniture for my class or event?

The preference is to use classrooms as they are designed for instruction. If you have a special circumstance that you would like to move furniture for, contact the facility manager.

May I hang signage or fliers in CIF?

Yes if directly associated with a U of I affiliate. The water fountain pockets are lined with corkboard to post fliers with thumb tacks or staples. Fliers should have a date on them to know when they should be removed. No signs or fliers should be taped on any surfaces in the building without the facility manager’s permission.

May I post my event by writing it on a classroom dry-erase board?

The dry erase boards are cleaned nightly regardless of content so it is not advised.

Are white board markers and erasures provided in the classrooms?

Yes. However, it is still advised to provide your own to be sure there is enough quantity.

May I provide a digital slide for the digital displays?

Yes but all content is prescreened, should relate to a U of I affiliate, and must meet the approval of the facility manager. Slides must be formatted as a JPG file; 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high; 72 dpi.

What equipment is available for events?

There is minimal equipment available besides what already exists in the classrooms. A small number of banquet tables and trash cans are available for events with food. Talk with the facility manager about what you may need to host an event in CIF.

What audio visual technology is available in classrooms?

All classrooms except 0036 and 2025 have a drop-down projector screen(s), classroom PC (university log-in is required), HDMI connection, and audio system consisting of 1 handheld and 1 lavalier microphone and permanent speakers. All classrooms have Mersive Solstice wireless connection technology. 

Is security provided for events?

No. In some instances, hourly staff may be on hand to assist with general facility items but any security coverage is the responsibility of the event host. Options for requesting additional security

Who are the faces on the walls?

Over 70 distinguished alumni are featured on all 5 levels of CIF. The alumni represent all areas of campus and were selected during the CIF design process by a campus student committee. Visit the “Featured Alumni” page to view the list of all alumni featured in the building.